Our Company

We are proud of our success in bringing a new spirit of teamwork, synergy and commitment to our sales team and staff. Our emphasis will always remain on keeping Royal LePage Gale a dynamic, family run organization with an eye towards having fun!

We offer you:

* All listings automatically posted to www.royallepage.ca, our award winning Internet site.
* Canada's largest Relocation Company with over 80% of the captured relocation market.
* Supporters of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation formed in 1998. A foundation dedicated to supporting shelters for people in need, right across Canada.
* A crisp clean recognizable sign with over 87 years of goodwill to assure that you will be noticed.
* A knowledgeable, involved dedicated management team who have made Royal LePage Gale their home.
* A network of over 10,000 representatives across Canada. Great referral network.
* Prominent office locations within your neighbourhood - you're never far from an office, and you'll be welcomed at any of them!
* The company has been in the owner's family for over 50 years, Now that's commitment!